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MODULE: Awards & Rewards

Accreditation Scheme

1. What is it?

A series of tasks to complete throughout the year to get:


The more tasks you complete – the more skills will land on your certificate!

Money to spend on your society

Earn up to £285 for your society to spend!

2. Where is it?

In your society’s shared folder, it looks like this:

3. The Levels

There are 4 levels, start at the beginning and work your way up!

  1. Emerging > 2. Developing > 3. Established > 4. Outstanding

Check out the skills and money you get for completing each level:


Employability Skills





Self Assessment



All the above 3 skills plus…

Creative Thinking


Project Management



All the above 6 skills plus…

Commercial Awareness

Making Things Happen

Organisation Skills



All the above 9 skills plus…

Oral Communication and Presentation

Resource Gathering

Opportunity Analysis

4. The Tasks

Each level has a set of tasks. It starts off super easy, in fact you are achieving one right now!

  1. Some Tasks are ‘Compulsory’ (complete them all)

  2. Others are ‘Optional’ (Please Pick 1)

5. How to Achieve each Task

  • Need to know how to achieve a task? Click on the ‘Help’ button, an explanation will pop up.

  • Find the quick videos, info and templates that help you achieve the tasks (they are all on here)

Use the committee hub to help you get all the accreditations!!

6. Let us know!

You can alert us so we know you’ve completed a task. See how below:

  • Click ‘Get This’ button and a pop up form will appear!

  • Complete the fields i.e Society, Role and upload requested evidence i.e. a link to the video, a photo of the event.

  • We can then check this for you.

7. How you’ll know you’ve completed a task

The box is ticked!

Once each level is complete we will credit your society bank account and add the skills to your certificate – well done!

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