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MODULE: Using the Website

Add Logo

A logo is a combination of text and visual imagery that serves two purposes:

  • It tells people the name of your society
  • It creates a visual symbol that represents your Society

Your logo will be displayed in many places:

  • Your Society Webpage

  • Social Media Channels

  • Freshers’ & Re|Freshers’ Stalls

  • On Our ‘Find A Society‘ Webpage

  • Flyers/Posters & Public Notice Boards

Make sure it’s eye catching!

Here are some examples of our Brighton Students’ Union (BSU) society logos:


Please Note: Your society is affiliated to Brighton Students’ Union (not the The University of Brighton). We are a separate organisation, therefore, the name and logo of your society should be representative of this.

Thinking Exercise

Imagine you are describing your society but can only use visuals. Write down or sketch 3 x images/icons that come to mind.

Well done, very creative. Now you have some visual symbols that represent your society. These will be the inspiration behind your logo!

Need help with the graphics? Don’t worry, we understand not everyone is studying Graphic Design and has access to design software. We recommend Canva, you can sign up for free via Facebook or email.

Adding your society logo counts towards achieving the ‘Update Your Webpage’ Accreditation – getting that £60!

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