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MODULE: Committee Actions

Change of Committee

Managing your Committee Role

Being a committee member is a great opportunity, however, if at any point you think you are struggling to commit to the role we have some tips that could help.

  • Talk to the rest of the committee about how you are feeling, have a face to face meeting. Think about better ways to manage the work load together, the Role Descriptions should help with this.

  • Delegate tasks from your role description (If society members are happy to help). Remember to check in with them to see these tasks are completed correctly.

    You could create some ‘unofficial’ extra roles within the society. Let us know who’s helping out so we can give them access to training.

  • Talk to us, we are here to help you!

  • Always be mindful of your wellbeing and find tips on how to manage workloads in the Welfare Module


Sometimes a committee member may need to step down/resign, that’s fine just follow these steps:

  1. Talk to the rest of the committee, explain your reasons for stepping down from the role.

  2. Email or pop in and see us – Explain that you wish to officially step down from the committee role.

  3. Handover any contact information and passwords to email/social media accounts to the remaining committee.

New Committee Members

How to elect a new committee member (outside of the yearly elections)

There are 2 ways:

  1. Hold an informal election within your society to vote in a new Committee Member, show members the role descriptions here

    We need the details of your newly elected Committee Member for our records, please email us their:

    Student I.D. Number
    Phone Number
  2. Email us to ask if an online election can be set up on your society webpage


Please Note: We only need the details of the Core Committee (President, VP Finance and VP Social) as they are the only society members eligible to be linked into the website.

They will get web access to the admin tools on your society webpage. We will also invite them to complete compulsory training.

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