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MODULE: Using the Website

Check Members & Send Messages

You have an ‘Add membership to Basket’ button on your society webpage – this is how members officially ‘join’ your society. You can share this video link to show people how.

It is important to check for new members once a week so you can send them a welcome email via the website and invite them along to the next meet up. Learn how to do this later on in this unit!

Go to the website, log-in (top right) using your student central details and navigate to the society admin page. If you need reminding how to do this, click here.

Select ‘Members’

  • You will now see a full list of your members and their student numbers (pink box)

  • When looking for members using the search bar (yellow box) – Remember to search by surname first i.e. Bieber Justin.

  • Select ‘List Members by Group’ (blue box) this will display your members in date order, placing newest members at the top.

Message Members via The Website

You can send ‘one‘ message to ‘all‘ of your society members through the website?

  • When a student joins your society (purchasing their membership on your webpage) their email automatically links!

  • When a committee member is elected in (through votes on your webpage) their email automatically links!

  • The messaging feature groups recipients into lists, highlighted below in yellow: [All Exec Members] and [All Members] so you can send one email to everyone in that group.

  • Below these group lists you will see a longer list of all members. You can tick ✅ one or more ✅✅✅ individual members to send the email to. To find people quickly, use the A-Z filter bar at the top and search by surname, highlighted below in Pink.

Here are the key messages your members will want you to send…

  1. A welcome message, thanking them for purchasing their membership to your society

  2. Invites to the latest events

  3. Updates on what the society is doing/future plans

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