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MODULE: Welfare

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Is your Society Inclusive?

Societies must be inclusive to everyone.

Providing the opportunity to celebrate our differences and learn from one another. We have many cultural societies, all of which are open to all students of all cultures.

Are your events inclusive?

Your events should always aim to be inclusive to all students.

Think about planing an event

Think about some barriers that could prevent people coming to your event. Does everyone like to drink alcohol? Are you planing on referencing a culture or belief? How would you do this appropriately? Could certain event themes offend or upset people?

If your society arrange any events or activities conceded to be inappropriate or offensive, this will be considered to conflict with the Code of Conduct agreed upon enrollment and result in disciplinary action.

Watch out! Be very careful when…

  1. Thinking of a theme or fancy dress – what are the origins of this idea? Can it cause offence to anyone?

  2. Using language – Play it safe, ‘Bar Hop’ notBar Crawl’. Not everyone chooses to drink alcohol also you do not want to be liable for an accident caused by your society encouraging binge drinking.

If you are ever unsure and think your event could possibly cause offence, run the event idea by the Societies Team and we will let you know.

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