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MODULE: Plan Events

Events Planning

Events take time and preparation – the bigger the event, the more time you will need to plan so start early!


At this stage you can let your imagination run wild, then work out what’s ‘do-able’ after.

  • Have a meeting with the committee

  • Download the Events Planning Spider Diagram below and start filling it in with your ideas!

Events Planning Spider Diagram

Fill in the Blanks...


Preparation is key in running a successful event.

  • Set out key dates for achieving each task. Write down Who is doing what and by when? 

  • Do your Cost, Budget, Spend to determine ticket price. Sell your tickets through the BSU website ‘before’ you book or pay for anything. This safeguards you from losing money if you can’t sell enough tickets.

    Never book or pay for anything until you have received money (ticket sales) to cover it!

  • Keep having regular committee meetings to check where everyone is at with their tasks.

  • Fill in the the Special Event Form


When it’s time to do the event, save yourself lots of stress by completing the checklist below, if everyone has a copy to stick to nothing will get forgotten.

Event Check List

Fill in the Blanks...


Get everyone back together for a quick debrief. Talk about what went well? What could have gone better for next time?

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