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MODULE: Plan Events

Food Handling

Food Guidelines

  • The sale and preparation of all hot and cold food is PROHIBITED by the university.

    You can buy dry snacks that do not need refrigeration; cakes, crisps, popcorn etc. (but Keep them in their packaging to list ingredients!)

  • Any hot or cold food provided for free at events (like pizza) must be sourced from a licensed restaurant/take away. These places follow Food Safety Laws and have to achieve certain hygiene ratings, so we know it’s safe to eat.

  • If you plan to order a takeaway for your event, by law you must label the food clearly and stop food from getting mixed, use separate serving utensils for each dish. This is to ensure anyone with allergens is not put at risk. Allergic reactions can be severer and even cause death. Keep everyone safe.

Bake Sale Guidelines

Remember these 6 in your baking mix…
  • 1. Designated areas – You can only book a stall for a bake sale in one of these designated areas on campus:


Designated Areas for Bake/Cake Sales


Checkland Building Foyer. Circulation area outside Asa Briggs Hall. Mayfield House ground floor foyer and circulation area Westlain House Foyer


Mezzanine area outside Library Cockcroft Building

Grand Parade and City Campus

Foyer area at bottom of main stair case outside of the galleries and Sallies Benny Theatre. Foyer area to Edward Street Building


Foyer area to the sports centre. Circulation area on ground floor of Hill brow. Robert Dodd Building

  • 2. Allergens! You MUST list ALL ingredients. Put a sign in front of each plate of bakes so people know exactly what’s in them. Failure to list items containing any of the declarable allergens (Milk/Lactose, Eggs, Wheat/Gluten, Peanuts/Tree Nuts or Soy) is a legal offence! Please refer to the full list of ingredients containing these products here.

  • 3. Allergy free bakes – Avoid cross contamination! Prepare allergy-free foods completely separate from other foods and clean all equipment, utensils, and surfaces thoroughly before use with hot, soapy water. Even the slightest trace can cause reactions in people with food allergies!

  • 4. Hygiene – Germs spread easily and contaminate, washing your hands significantly helps to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella – Use anti-bacterial hand wipes on your stall too!

  • 5. Display the charity/society name for which funds are being raised.

  • 6. Suggested Donation – When raising funds for charity, food cannot be a fixed price, only a ‘suggested donation’, any price labels must say ‘suggested donation’

Bake Sale Form

Fill in at least 2 weeks before

Please return completed form to


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