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MODULE: Committee Actions

Get Memberships

Check your Membership List via the website, here’s how

Make sure everyone coming along is on the list. If they are not, share this short video link to show them how to purchase their membership to join your society.

What do members bring?

Why must students have a membership?

More money! (through joining fee and helping you hit accreditation tasks e.g.  Get 10 members)

Membership fees (- insurance) go into your society bank account. If someone is avoiding to pay they are preventing that funding from reaching your society

Bigger rooms! (we book based on numbers)

It’s unfair to the those who ‘have’ purchased memberships to let people come along that ‘have not’ and your room will be too small for everyone.

Online interaction with your society activities. When students join via your society webpage it links them in, giving them access to buy tickets (more ticket sales), sign-up to events and vote in your society elections (more votes).

If someone fails to purchase their membership, they will not be covered by insurance! If something goes wrong, there is nothing we can do.

Did you know University of Sussex and UBIC can join too?

Share this Video Link to show them how.

Best time to get new members:

  1. September

    Run a stall at Freshers’ Fair and host a Freshers’ Welcome Events

  2. February

    Run a stall at Refreshers’ Fair and host a Refreshers’ Welcome Event

During these times new potential members can come along to your welcome events for free!

If you’ve made a great impression, won them over, and they want to come back for more – they must then purchase their membership.

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