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MODULE: Promote Yourselves

Graphic Design

Whether you’re creating posters for printing and leaflets for handing out, or graphics to be shared on social media, you will need to develop some basic graphic design skills.

Even if you’ve never attempted graphic design before, don’t worry! You can achieve effective results by following simple steps.

Top Tips:

  1. Use Canva – it’s FREE and easy to use, and filled with templates, backgrounds, photos and graphics.

    And use your £50 FREE printing credit! Get in touch

  2. Keep text on posters brief and include a link/QR code for more information. Too much text will make the poster crowded and difficult to read.

  3. Always include your logo to make your poster/leaflet/graphic clear, official and professional. And add our logo too! (You can download below!)

  4. Develop a colour-scheme, inspired by your logo, and stick to those colours when creating different materials. This will make your Society easy recognise.

  5. Remember the 3 essentials – Date, Time, Place. State them clearly on every event you  promote.

Using Our Brand

Your society is affiliated to Brighton Students’ Union (not the university). Add our logo to your materials. Simply download from below:

Teal Logo - Portrait

Teal Logo - Landscape

Black Logo - Portrait

Black Logo - Landscape

White Logo - Portrait

White Logo - Landscape

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