Hosting Online Meet ups

Tools and Platforms

There are a variety of online tools and platforms you can use for your meet ups!

  • Explore the best options for your society!

  • Keep your events varied and make the most of all the tools and platforms available!

Let’s have a look at some of the platforms available –

Microsoft Teams


We have set up an MS Team for your society, it a great place for the committee to meet and plan events together!


We post in your MS Team too. If you keep a regular check on it you won’t miss out on opportunities and events such as Re|Freshers’ Week or FREE subscriptions (Lucky Voice, Kahoot etc.).


You can ping us questions too (tag @RachelAshburner and @BeckyFrench), we are always happy to help support you. That’s where we’ll video chat with you too!

  • Free to use through the university

  • No time limit during meeting!

  • Screen and audio share – great for streaming videos to members

  • Up to 250 people can join chat

  • 20 people in video/audio calls, see 9 on the screen at one time

  • Record function

  • File share

  • Every society gets a Pro account! So no time limits on meetings!

  • 1000 Video call participants and 49 on screen!

  • Keep meetings safe and secure using private passwords and pins!

  • Audio share – great for streaming videos to members! When in a meeting simply tick the box to share computer audio in the share screen window.

  • Option to share multiple screens at once – Share your computer screen in a meeting this is great for presentations!

  • File sharing function

  • Easy to use breakout rooms function – This functions enables small breakout meetings perfect for a quiz or games events! This video demonstrates how to use breakout rooms.

  • Recording function

  • Free to sign up and create an account.

  • Keep the conversations going within society servers and text and voice call channels. Login and chat at any point!

  • Option to create channels for specific society projects.

  • Option to assign roles for committee and members.

  • Option to invite members with invite link (which can be set to expire after set time).

  • Host video calls with up to 25 people on the screen. Easy to link up to other accounts such as Twitch or YouTube for video streaming options.

  • Easy to use moderation tools to monitor your meetings and projects.

  • Can join meeting from any device using private password and pin

  • Accessibility functions

  • Option to screen share and record meetings

  • Video/audio calls with up to 25 people with 16 people on screen

  • Good way to get members interacting with your society Facebook pages

  • 50 people in a call with up to 6 visible on the screen

Plan ahead

Plan ahead for any virtual event!

  • Do a practice run – account for elements such as lighting, sound and think about how the event will flow – are you going to use a script or meeting agenda?

  • Does anyone have any accessibility needs?

  • If you are planing on recording the meeting or session you must ask first, is this ok with the group?

  • Let everyone know the plan before the event, how can they join? What time will the meeting start and end?

  • Risk assess your virtual events – What could go wrong and how can you put steps in place to prevent this?


What if the Wifi goes down? Have at least two event hosts connected to different WiFi sources, just in case one runs into problems the other host can take over!

Any tips and advice? What works well for your online society meet ups? We would love to hear them, let us know so we can share with other societies 

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