Icebreaker Games

Icebreakers can help everyone feel at ease and can be a great way to get to know people!

Here are 10 ideas for you to use in your Society Welcome events or all year to get everyone smiling at the start of your online socials!

Kahoot Quizzes!

We’ve purchased Kahoot Pro for you to use – it allows up to 100 players! (the basic account only allows 10 players). Kahoot Quizzes are easy to use and great fun!


Email to book out the Log-ins for Kahoot Pro.


The video below will show you how to host the quiz though Zoom (or such like).

Share your sound too!

When sharing your screen, don’t forget to TICK the BOX to SHARE your computer SOUND too!

Pick a ready made one or create a whole new one themed around your society!

Here is how you can find the perfect Kahoot for your society!

To get you going we have found a couple you might enjoy trying out –

Movie Trivia 

General Knowledge 



Split up into two teams on the screen then pick an artist for each team. Use this random word generator to give you drawings for each game or think of some society related ones. You could either use the whiteboard function on Zoom or ask the artist to hold the pen and paper up to the screen.

Have fun guessing the drawings and taking turns to draw!


This is a short fun guessing game, simply download the app, hold your phone up to the screen and everyone can guess away!


Get everyone to write a random letter on an A4 paper (or pick a society related word and use the letters – for example: Musical Theatre – Les miserables) ask them to hold up the letters to the screen, give the group 1-2 mins to think of as many words or the longest words they can from all the letters!


Get the ball rolling on this game by pretending to hold an imagery ball, then say a society related word for example: RPG – Dice. Next, say the name of someone you can see on the screen and throw the imagery ball to them, now its their turn to say a word! This is a great way to learn everyone’s names on the call!


Randomly choose a letter and five categories or use a generator to help you choose categories and letters. Give everyone 1 minute to think of things related to each category that start with the assigned letter. You get a point for every category you get right and double if you do more than one.


Ask one person in the group to write three things about themselves: 2 true and 1 false. Then everyone needs to vote using the Thumbs up = True or Thumbs Down = Lie, it is then revelled if the person was telling a truth or a lie.

You could do this as one big group or split into smaller break out rooms.


Create your own cards with numbers or think of things people might have done for example:binged a whole Netflix series a day!


Create two teams and pick one person from each team to be the silent actor, pick a word or phrase using a phrases generator or think of things related to your society. Everyone can take turns to guess and the team with the most correct guesses wins!


Pick a place, object or person that is related to the society, get everyone to ask up to 20 questions to guess what you are!

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