Keeping meetings safe and secure

Use the tips in this unit to help keep meetings and events safe and secure from any unwanted guests.

The tips in the image below are specific to Zoom. If your event is on a different platform explore the similar moderation tools within the platform.

In summery –

  • ALWAYS use pins and passwords when setting up events and meetings.

  • All online events MUST have the waiting room function enabled, this way any uninvited guest can be blocked from accessing events.

  • Share password and pins with Members ONLY. Do not share pins and passwords to meetings on any social media!

  • Turn off any chat functions for participants.

  • If the platform has a share screen facility make sure that only the hosts can use this.

  • Ensure members know ‘they are responsible for their behaviour’ and must not act in a manner which brings the society into disrepute.

  • Events open to non-members must been ticketed! Everyone with a ticket can then be sent the link and password to your event.

  • Close any ticket sales 12- 24 hours before the event.

  • Task a member of the committee with the role of moderator, they will be then be on hand to block people quickly.

  • Explore and use the moderation tools within your chosen platforms.

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