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MODULE: Your Finances

Money In

Use Your Online Shop:

You can Sell Tickets and Sell Products via your society webpage – These sales will automatically go into your society account.

Sponsorship & Grant Money:

Please let us know at if an organisation or individual that has agreed to sponsor your society (or give your society a grant).

Remember! We can only process sponsorship money if a Sponsorship Contract is in place (Signed by us).

iZettle Card Machines:

Each campus office has an iZettle Card Machine you can rent out to take contactless payments. Get in touch if you would like to arrange this.

Your Services:

If your society has organised to offer a service in exchange for payment i.e. Music Society playing at a wedding, legally we must bill them for you:

In order for us to raise the invoice, please Email Us this info:

  1. Amount £££ they owe your society
  2. Their Company Name & Address
  3. Their Company Email Address
  4. Brief description of services you provided

Society Bank Deposits:

Ideally you will not need to deposit money directly into the BSU bank account, however, sometimes this can’t be avoided.

Let us know at if your need to deposit money directly into the account.

Fundraising for Charity:

Your society is the perfect platform to fundraise from, and raising £100 for charity is also an outstanding accreditation task!

Go Fund Me is our approved crowdfunding platform for society charity fundraising projects

Any money you raise goes directly to the charity as their bank account is linked to Go Fund Me

Don’t forget to let us know when you set it up, so we can keep a track of the money you raise. This will ensure you get the recognition and reward you deserve!

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Fundraising Ideas

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