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MODULE: Welfare

Manual Handling

You may wish to borrow equipment (such as the PA Sound System), this equipment can be HEAVY! Perhaps you have ordered a load of costumes and they have been delivered in one Huge box, this is likely to be HEAVY!

Please Avoid lifting (known as manual handling) wherever possible! Each BSU reception has a trolley you can borrow to move equipment around. If it’s already in use, the caretakers have trolleys too!

If you have booked a room on a higher floor – use the trolley and the lift. You can ask the Societies Team for help with lifting or if you are happy to lift equipment safely, follow the instructions in the video.

  1. PLAN the lift ‘before’ you start. Where is the item going? Can you lift the load alone or do you need help?

  2. WEAR suitable clothing. Tight clothing and unsuitable footwear is going to hinder the lift. Only consider it if you are wearing appropriate clothing.

  3. KNOW your limits. If it’s too heavy – don’t lift it. Get help/we can get a mechanical aid.

  4. PUSH the load. It is much safer to push than pull, just make sure you can see over it and that the route is clear.

  5. BEND your knees to pick it up – never bend your back!

  6. Keep your HEAD UP, look ahead when moving the load, not down at it. This will keep your spine in the correct position, and you’ll be able to see where you’re going!

  7. HUG the load and avoid twisting or leaning. The closer the load to your body, the less strain is put on your back. Avoid twisting or leaning as this places pressure on the spine. Turn by moving your feet instead.

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