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MODULE: Your Finances

Payment Time Frames

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Avoid Hold Ups!!!

  • Submit Form in Time

    Payment Form must be submitted by Tuesday 11:30 am to attempt payment the same Friday. If not it will roll over to following week.

  • Approve within 24 hour Window

    VP Finance receives a message to approve the payment (an email and notification on Teams). If VP Finance is claiming expenses for themself, President will receive the message instead.

    They must click ‘approve‘ by Wednesday 11:30 am

  • Approval Window – Cut Off

    If payment is approved within the 24 hour window, it should be received Friday.

    If payment is not approved by VP Finance/President in time it won’t get paid! It will roll over to the following week and attempted again.

  • Ensure you complete the form with correct bank details, and the name entered matches that on the individual’s bank card. Mistakes slow payment!

Please follow these time frames diligently to ensure your payments are processed on time. We are unable to process any special or same-day payments so please keep this is mind when spending society funds.

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