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MODULE: Your Finances

Money Out & Claiming Expenses

Please Note: You cannot draw money out of your society bank account.

To process a payment you simply fill in the online payment form below.

Claim Form / Payment Form

click here

On the form there are 3 different payment types to select from (see below)

  1. Claiming Expenses

    If its a smaller affordable payment, you can purchase the items using your own money, keep the receipts (to upload) and hit the “Reclaim expenses you have incurred” option

  2. Paying Invoices

    For larger payments – Get invoices (your bill to pay) from suppliers and hit the “Payment of an invoice to a supplier” option

  3. Donating to Charity

    If you’ve raised money for charity that you would now like to donate, get the charity’s bank details and select “Payment to a charity” option

    Get help on Fundraising for Charity

Approve Payments!!!

  • Depending on the payment, either VP Finance or President will get a notification to click ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ so check your messages (emails and teams notifications) to avoid delays.

  • In most cases, VP Finance will be the committee member who approves payments.

    However, if VP Finance is claiming expenses for themself, the President will receive the notification to approve payment instead.

  • Check the Payment Time Frame to see when payments will be received.

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