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MODULE: Promote Yourselves

Photo & Video

It is important that you take photo and video content as a Society, so we can collect memories and share your best moments with everyone else.

We always love to see you having fun, so try to make it a habit to take photos and videos whenever your Society comes together.

You can get funding rewards for your photos and videos too through the Accreditation Scheme and Society of the Month


  1. Take a group photo whenever you come together. It doesn’t matter if there’s 3 or 30 of you, we love a nice group picture!

  2. If people aren’t comfortable to be in front of camera, you can always get creative by taking photos from behind, of their hands, or the location or activity of your event.

  3. Film a brief video of any fun activities you do together. Save these little snippets in a folder; they can later be used to put together a longer video of your memories.

  4. Film short videos to promote your society or event. This content normally does well on social media – keep your words (or text) brief. Feeling nervous? Make yourself as comfortable as possible, relax by smiling and freely using your hands.

  5. Share your photos on social media, and tag BSU channels, so we can repost them! @subrighton &

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