Regular Virtual Events

These ideas are easy to set up and can be used for some of your regular society socials!


Netflix Party  – Watch a movie or documentary with your members online, if you have a Netflix account you can create a Watch Party. Have fun chatting along to your favourite parts of the movie or create a discussion around the themes within it.

Top Tip – Get everyone to wear headphones, this will eliminate any feedback! Alternatively, get everyone to mute their microphone and use the chatroom to message during the film.

Zoom – Share films you have downloaded, YouTube videos/films, or stick a DVD into your disc drive and hit play!

Top Tip – When you are sharing your screen in Zoom don’t forget to TICK the BOX to SHARE your computer SOUND too! See screenshot below.

Share your sound too!


Virtual Quizzes can be great fun and a really simple activity to organise! Why not create a theme for your quiz and encourage some fancy dress!

Check out these theme ideas for inspiration!

  • Harry Potter

  • Famous Movies

  • Disney

  • Musicals

  • Marvel

  • Book Characters

  • Shakespeare


Pick some topics and discussion points and get together to hold a structured discussion or debate.

  • Make sure you have a topic in mind before your start the event.

  • Know how many people will be at the event – everyone attending needs to know what is going to be discussed.

  • Ask everyone to do any research needed before the event

  • Have a spokesperson to represent each side of the topic.

  • Its a good idea to have a speaker or host to moderate and to keep the event on track


Let’s have a look at a some easy to use online gaming platform recommendations –

Among Us

Among Us (Android or iOS) is one of the most popular online games out there at the minute.


Set in an isolated spaceship, Among Us asks up to 10 players to work together as a crew to avoid getting picked off one by one…unless you’re the imposter picking them off. As a crew member, you must complete tasks while watching out for the suspicious imposter and building consensus for an accusation.


As the imposter, you must murder crew members while staying incognito and convincing survivors not to vote you off the ship and into the abyss. In other words, don’t be sus. Roles are randomly assigned and you should take what you’re given. If you purposefully disconnect too many times trying to get the role you want, you get locked out for a few minutes.

Jackbox Games

Jackbox online games are super fun and interactive too, the host can share their screen and computer sound through Zoom with players use their phones as the controller (just like Kahoot – see top of this page for screen share & sound share  instructions). Invest in a party pack for around £15 to play the games all year! The game ‘Drawful’ is hilarious, a personal fave!


You only need 1 person with the pack to host from their computer (don’t worry they can still play) then stream it out, works with 2 – 7 player but you can stream out to more for shear entertainment, then take turns in playing so everyone gets a go.


Check out some of the game play YouTube videos to get a vibe of how funny the games can be.


Check out this video to show you how to stream it out.

Backyard online gaming platform

Backyard – Games – Backyard is great for small groups (up to 12 players) play a variety of online games and live video-chats all in one tidy platform. Games include Doodle! Camp Werewolf! Chess! and many more! 

To get started one player sets up a ‘games space’ they then send a link to invite friends into the space!  You can also set up passwords to protect your game spaces! Easy to use and hours hours of fun!

Available on desktop and mobile app coming soon!

There is a huge selection of FREE online games you can play, including a good old fashioned game of cards!


Or get creative with collaboration platforms like Lino or Padlet to create your very own society games, tasks and leader boards.


Get your members up and dancing with the Just Dance app! This is really simple to set up and there’s is a huge range of music from disco to Disney all you need to do is download the Just Dance to your laptop or desktop and also add the app to your phone, your phone then acts as the controller!

Play over Zoom to enter ‘party rooms’ and dance together.

Points are gathered and the winner takes home the glory.


Who doesn’t love a bit of a sing along! Lucky Voice have a huge selection of tracks you can get everyone signing along to!

Other ideas to test your members musical skills include –

  • Listening Parties

  • Virtual Open Mic

  • Lip sync battles


Think of some themes and ask your members to contribute a show and tell piece to a society shared online folder or Lino or Padlet 

Idea could include –

  • A recipe swap

  • A drawing or photography challenge

  • A short dance routine

  • A short film

  • A poem or piece of writing

  • Task Master Challengers 

Coffee Mornings

You could give all your members a baking task, then arrange a virtual meet up where everyone can show off their makes! Alternative you could create a coffee morning pack with activities and treats, these could be delivered the your members or collected from campus.

Fitness Class

Host a virtual fitness class or give your members a fitness challenge to achieve. Can they master that tricky dance move by the end of the week?

Study Group or Book Club

  • Pick a book, it could even be one that is related to your society.

  • Set specific questions you would like to discuss or don’t set questions and plan to have a open discussion.

  • Meet virtual to discuss the book – it’s a good idea to elect a someone to host the event to ensure its smooth running.


Share ideas and mix things up for your members by hosting collaborate online events, if you have an idea you think another society might be interested in let them know and work on it together. Contact each other using email, social media or ask the societies team to put you in touch!

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