Shared Projects and Goals

Create a shared project or goal to work towards, this will help your members stay connected to your society.


Have a goal for the year or aim to achieve a couple per term. Encourage your members to get involved and keep everyone up to date with the society’s progress on a blog or social media.


Be creative, ideas could include –


Agree on a target amount and a timeline of when you will meet your target. Get everyone involved and get inspired with some idea here!

Create a Shared Project

Create a shared project to work on that everyone can virtually contribute to, some ideas could include –

  • A Film or Dance Routine Video

  • A Music Album or Online Playlist

  • A blog or book that is relevant to your society for example – Hiking and Tracking book of the best local walks or Pool Society best tips for a beginner in Pool!

  • Create a brand new board game or comic!

Get feedback from your members

What would they like to achieve in the society this year?

See below for some useful tools for gathering feedback but remembers to never ask for personal information in a survey.

Let us know about your projects at 

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