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MODULE: Promote Yourselves

Social Media

Use social media to communicate with members and to promote your events.

With plenty of social media platforms out there, you can utilise different tools to make your presence stand out and reach as many people as possible.

Top Tips:

  1. Post regularly to show current/possible new members that you are reliable and engaged. Even if it’s 1 post a week, sticking to a regular schedule will improve your reach and engagement.

  2. If social media overwhelms you, stick to just one platform to make it efficient and successful.

  3. Use what works best on each platforms – photos/videos on Instagram and TikTok, short reminders and announcements on Twitter, photo galleries and events on Facebook.

  4. Always tag BSU channels @subrighton and We may not see your post right away, but, whenever we do, we’ll share it, helping you gain a bigger reach.

  5. Keep an eye on other Societies’ channels to see what they’re up to for possible collaborations and to support each other!

Our Policy:

As a society, you are representing BSU when posting online. We ask that you refrain from posting anything inappropriate or offensive as this could result in disciplinary action.

Important to Note: What goes on social media will always be there (even when deleted) and can be accessed if a complaint is raised. DO NOT post/share inappropriate content that could harm the reputation of the Society, Brighton Students Union or the University of Brighton.

Access to Social Media Accounts:

  • If a social media profile does not already exist (under the name of your society), you can set one up

  • If a social media profile does exist (under the name of your society) the committee should pass on log-in details during handover

  • Committee should only post information that is relevant to the society.

Private Messaging:

Remember your affiliation to Brighton Student’s Union when sending messages on behalf of the society

  • Be professional and polite at all times.

  • If you receive any commercial requests, please direct them to the Sales and Contract Manager, Aaron

Public Photos:

Remember your affiliation to Brighton Student’s Union when you post photos

  • Remove any inappropriate images that could offend someone, and if you are contacted to remove a photo, you have an obligation to do so.

    Not sure if an image is inappropriate? Check with us!

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