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MODULE: Awards & Rewards


All Sponsorship MUST have a signed contract to outline what your society and the sponsor are ‘giving’ and ‘getting’.

Remember – ALL sponsorship contracts must be signed by us first (not you) for them to be valid. 


Download and edit the red text



Sponsorship is a great way for your society to BOTH:

Gain Money

Save Money

Payment from sponsors – We’ll invoice them upon receiving the signed contract

Discounts from sponsors (suppliers or venues) or an offer to pay for equipment or kit

There are 2 types of sponsors you can target:

  1. External Sponsorship – Relevant outside organisations and businesses can be approached for sponsorship i.e. Pharmacy Society could approach a pharmaceutical company; Vegan/ Vegetarian Society may approach Infinity Foods.

  2. School Sponsorship – Approach your School of study for sponsorship of Academic Events. Do this as early on as possible as there will be a limit on the amount of sponsorship awarded (get in first).


Finding out ‘who’ to approach for sponsorship is really important.

Take a few minutes to identify your Society’s own unique selling points, this will narrow the ‘type’ of companies to contact. There is no point in a Music Society approaching a Sport Shop for sponsorship, because the chances are unlikely that it will be a successful effort.

Thinking Exercise

What category does you society fit into? (Academic, Creative, Culture, Political, Liberation, Leisure, Charity or Faith) What local businesses/organisations/brands are also in that category?

It’s also worthwhile asking family and friends who might know of someone, a company or organisation which could be worth approaching. Often this is something we overlook.

There are some sponsorships that are obvious no-go's, including alcohol brands, drinks deals at venues, promoters, and competitors.

Becky French - Activities Manager

Although there are some key sponsors that aren’t allowed, there are thousands of pounds of sponsors out there for you to find! Click the document below for some ideas of who you can and can’t request sponsorship from!

Possible Sponsors & Definite No-Go's


What can you GIVE?

Next you need to gather everything your society has done or is doing, in order to make a really enticing offer they can’t refuse!

  1. Audience – Number of members in your society, potential student market i.e. 20,000 UoB students viewing your webpage, seeing you on campus wearing society hoodie

  2. Achievements – Photos of your society stall at Freshers’ Fair/ Refreshers’ Fair and events you’ve hosted

  3. Example Promotion – Posters, their advert on your BSU webpage and on your society email signature, promoting them at your events…

  4. Future Plans – Personalised clothing (society hoodies) they could add their logo too?


What can you GET?

Make a list of things your society would like in return or what you would spend the money on (so they know it is being used constructively)


Now you’re ready to contact the potential sponsor!

  • Large Company – Ask if there is a Marketing Director (which tends to be the person who controls the sponsorship budgets)

  • Small / Local Company? Ask for the General Manager or CEO

Choose ‘how’ you are going to contact them. Use our resources:

To help you know what to say, check out our

To help you know what to write, check out our


Edit the 'Red Text' to make it your own!

Email Template

Edit to suit you!

Letter Template

Edit to suit you!

Follow up Phone Conversation Template

Edit to suit you!


Once you’ve found your sponsor and they’re keen to sponsor you, edit the red text in the Society Contract Template (at the top of this page) to suit your agreement, then get it signed in this order:

  1. Aaron Salins (BSU Sales & Contracts Manager) who will check the agreement is fair – 1st signature

  2. Society President – 2nd signature

  3. Finally take both copies (or scan and email) to your sponsor – 3rd signature


Once the contracts have been signed ‘both’ parties need a copy for reference as it is legally binding:


After you’ve set up your sponsorship, don’t forget to thank your sponsor and follow these guidelines to ensure things run smoothly:

  • Send them a formal email after each semester. An update of your society successes. Show them the activities you have completed that were agreed in the contract.

  • Invite your sponsor to events and send evidence you have promoted them (screenshots of your social media etc.)

  • Show them what you spent their money on

  • After the elections in March, introduce them to your new committee to keep the relationship going

  • Make sure your sponsor has kept their promise and paid your society/delivered their obligations. Don’t forget to thank them when you receive the funds!

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