Livestream your Event

Livestreaming events are everything right now, the only way we can have a larger audience AND stay safe. Perfect for:

  • Public Speaker Event / Q&A / Webinar

  • Open Mic / Comedy Night / Showcase / Show & Tell

  • Bake Off / Master Chef / Art challenge / Dance / Charity Auctions

There are a few live streaming platforms out there which display/work in different ways. Here’s a summary of our top picks, every event is different so match the right one for your needs.

  • Cloudbased – will run fast! Even on low powered devise

  • Multiple guest live on screen (and can switch them around) EASY to link their cameras in!

  • Integrates with social media platforms so you can send your livestream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch…

  • Viewers comment live as they watch to show support, if its a talk they can ask live questions (comment feature can be switched off)

  • Multi-stream! Broadcast to multiple social platforms at the same time i.e. YouTube and Facebook, or schedule them to air at different times.

  • Once you’ve scheduled your livestream you’ll get a unique link you can share with your audience before you go live. This is great for promoting your event beforehand!

  • Share your screen

  • Insert text on screen

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