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MODULE: Promote Yourselves

Welcome Events

Your society will have 2 welcome events in the year:

Welcome Event - 1

Welcome Event - 2

1st Week of Semester 1 (October)


1st week of Semester 2 (February)


These events introduce new students and show them what your Society is all about.

We’ll book a space for you to host it.

Top Tips for your Welcome Event

  1. Stick to the plan! Don’t forget, your events will be advertised everywhere. If you change things students will show up at the wrong place/time.

  2. Hold events on campus to make it easier for people to find you – we’ll book you a space!

  3. During welcome events, plan activities that aren’t intimidating for newcomers, icebreaker games will get everyone participating.

  4. Don’t forget to show students your society webpage and how to join so they can come to future events.

Need some ideas? We have you covered, visit the Plan an Events Module here for tips and advice when planning your first event!

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