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MODULE: Using the Website

Log-in & View Profile

1. Log-in

Click ‘Log-in’, it’s top right on the BSU website

Enter the same log-in details you use to log-in to Student Central (we kept it the same to make it easy).

To access your Society Admin Tools, click on the Cog Icon (top right). Then click on your Society Icon.

2. Where is my profile?

You have your own profile on the BSU website

To get to your profile click ‘Profile’ – top right.

3. What’s on my Profile?

  1. Edit Profile – Add or Update Profile Picture

  2. View your personal Memberships (any societies you have joined)

  3. Your Inbox (the monthly Society Newsletter will land here!)

4. How can I add my Profile Picture?

Add a friendly photo of yourself so new members can spot you when meeting for the first time. Just follow this video…

5. Where will my profile picture display?

This is where your photo will display on your society webpage.

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